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This is what Rootsys technologies

Rootsys puts together a bunch of passionate minds to transform your visions into reality with providing creative best services in App development, Web development, Digital marketing and Brand Promotions imparting an awesome digital experience for your users. To accelerate efficiency and fuel growth for our clients. We have professional designers and developers to fulfill your need. As a leading and we are proud to service customers of all dimensions and cost concerns.

  • Withot Proper Digital presence your business is incomplete
  • Not a business until Proper domain and website
  • Website and application is an unavaoidable thing from now


We are Unique among our compitetors due to exelence in our following services

Website Development

We craft creative, effective and cost-effective websites that help businesses elevate their brand presence in the web space.

App Development

We work with you from Ideation, Design, Development to launch to help in creating and maintaining world-class Mobile apps.

Digital Marketing

We employ the best-proven digital marketing tactics, finest lead generation techniques to boost our client’s online visibility.

BPO,Call center solution

Our Cloud Telephony Solutions The cloud communication solutions from Servetel ensure a stable and efficient communication between your customers and your business.

Multi Level IVR

Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) improves customer engagement while taking off the human load and gets a seamless experience to customers.

Pos Machines

We provide hardware and software products like POS machines, Printers, Scanners, Software's, Etc., thus enabling clients to get Total IT Business solutions from a single point..

Why choose us?

Why you need Rootsys in your business

We Rootsys Technologies provide you all the digital solutions in a single place so you dont need to spend more for your businness for your various needs

We can provide you the unavoidable services for your businesses like Software Development | Digial Branding | Social Media Presence | BPO & IVR solutions |Lead Generation .....

Top Rated Services

All our clients are much happy with their works and the referals from our existing clints leading us to a great success

Complete Digital Solutions

What else you need for your business in the online world we can provide you that . From Registration to Sales

Available Worldwide

Our Services are not limted to a specific region . Our International and intranational clients are happy with our products and works






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Why you need to digitalize your business ?

If you have a business, multiple digitalization options may have already occurred to you. And even if you know that a digital transformation is necessary to increase productivity and to avoid lagging behind the competitors, you’re still likely to have doubts about its depth.

The digital presence not only opens up sales channels, but also new ways of communicating with customers. Email, apps, social networks… nowadays, the clients of any business with a digital presence have multiple ways to contact the company.

Why Applications & Website for your business ?

Web applications further allow your clients to engage with your business in real-time; all these features are building so that business management can make informed decisions.

Your website is the first point of access to your business and brand for your customers. Your website is the place where people begin to learn about what you do, your services, products, and your reputation. If they like your website they will later begin using your other products (Mobile app, desktop software, etc...

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